Simulaatio is a demo party organized by members of the Finnish demo group Pähkinä (PHn.). We organized our first party, Simulaatio, in spring 2003. The party went well and the feedback was positive, so we started soon planning the next event, and Simulaatio2 was held in fall 2003. After a year of silence we are once again ready to show the scene what it means to have a great demo party.

Although there are no gaming competitions at the event, the organizers aren't against gaming or gamers at the party. We hope that the event interests die hard demo sceners as well as anyone who is just curious about the demo scene. The first two parties had 100-150 visitors and we are expecting around 200 visitors for Simulaatio 3D.



Going 19

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Kimppa Flea market

Petroskoinkatu 18
78200 Varkaus, Pohjois-Savo
Finland Finland


Entrance Fee

€20.00 Regular

Party Series

Simulaatio 3d is a part of Simulaatio.