Longest running birthday demoparty is back again! This time the party will be in a new location! Stay tuned for more announcements and infos in Q2/2021.

The announcement of the location has been published in the website. Usual JML style 'how to get there' type things should be followed. (i.e. contact someone, don't just try to show up. Contacting someone is the fun way. Not contacting someone is the "I had no fun and it sucked and it's all someone elses fault even though I totally could have contacted a friendly JML type person but I didn't it's totally JML's fault I refuse to take responsibility for my actions" method. You can do the non-fun method, we just don't reccomend it. At all.)

You will have time to make plans, provided it is possible to attend in person, depending on restrictions. I.e. you should totally be contacting someone and avoiding non-fun things like "getting infected" and "being eaten by mosquitoes because you accidentally discovered that Finland is made of bogs lakes tar trees mosquitoes wild animals berries 'all the sun' 'lol the sun will never return' and a few people"




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