Wherever the scene train might head, catch it at Evoke 2006 – this year's scene railway station! For our passengers there are many destinations: You can take a ride on the competition route and surf the high-speed rails of technology, take the slow train and have a beer with friends or just chill out and watch the trains go by. We will take care to make it a cozy stay!




Going 30

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Interested 1



Vulkanhalle Closed Permanently

Lichtstr. 43
50825 Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen

In front of the location 10
Inside the location Outside view of the location at night The bar and catering area Photo by ᴡ S Photo by Peter O

Entrance Fee

20 EUR Regular

0 EUR Girls

42 EUR Combined Ticket



Party Series

Evoke 2006 is a part of Evoke.