For the eighth time, we're getting ready to celebrate the coziest demoparty with you. Evoke 2005, your demoscene space odyssey is going to take place in Cologne in August again, so buckle up and step into the cockpit!





Going 31

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Vulkanhalle Closed Permanently

Lichtstr. 43
50825 Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen
Germany Germany

«In front of the location» by 10
«Inside the location» by «Outside view of the location at night» by «» by «» by «» by «The bar and catering area» by «» by Photo by  Photo by


Entrance Fee

€20.00 Regular

€0.00 Girls

€10.00 Long Distance

€42.00 Combined Ticket

Party Series

Evoke 2005 is a part of Evoke.