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18th Dec 07

Partyreport by Moods Plateau

Moods Plateau have released a party report on Evoke 10. Watch it to get some some interviews and some of the atmosphere of Evoke 10...

by poti //
25th Aug 07

evoke tracks - the aftermath

Here's a late "thank you" for every one who supported and attended "Evoke Tracks", the electronic music event hosted by the Sensor club in cooperation with our demoparty. It was a big success, and we are already thinking how to pull off something similar next year. There are unfortunately no recordings of the live- and dj-sets, but if you liked what you heard, or want to hear what you missed out on, check out these mixes by the featured artists: - 2krazy: Life on Urban Affairs radio, 24.7.07 - Disrupt & Rootah: Live @ Mungo's Hi-Fi Glasgow, 30.3.07 - Lotek Style & Repomatic: Live on Delta Force radio, 27.7.07 - mo.: various Netaudio mixes Enjoy, and see you next year!

15th Aug 07

Evoke at GIGA

Evoke 10 will be featured live on GIGA Games tonight! Watch the show from 22:00 to 24:00. During their Maxx-Section they will take a closer look at Evoke 10, the Intel Demo Competition and the demoscene in general. For those of you who are not able to receive GIGA they have a live stream!

15th Aug 07

After the shower of confetti

What a great party! It was really a wonderful experience to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you. As in the last years we set up an "after party" page with results, releases, articles, photos and more on Evoke 10. See you at Buenzli, tUM, Breakpoint or Evoke 2008.

14th Aug 07

Results & Releases

We are finally back from cleaning up the location ;) Meanwhile the results & first releases have appeared on scene.org.

9th Aug 07


Like the last years we have a hotline for you, helping you with finding the Evoke location in case you lost your way. Just call +49-163-39 EVK 2007

9th Aug 07

Evoke Comporules updated

Due to huge demand, we decided to extend the sizelimit for the demos to 40mb. Hope it will help everyone to get their productions ready in time.

8th Aug 07

Your way to Evoke

For those of you who still don't know the way to Vulkanhalle after two years: we updated the travel-pages! They now contain a Google Map, even. And as some of our guests are still seeking or offering trips to Evoke: How about taking a look at the lifts?

6th Aug 07

Intel Demo Competition: announcing the winner

After four months of voting you chose the winner of the Intel Demo Competition 2007! At Evoke the best team will receive their Commodore Gaming PC's with the Intel Core 2 Quad processors for more fabulous demos. On Friday at 8 pm we will show you all the entries and who you have picked as the winner!

3rd Aug 07

Timetable online

Finally, just one week before the party our (preliminary) timetable is online. Go, take a look :)

3rd Aug 07

Demoshow: Best of 10 years Evoke

Crest has prepared a very special demoshow: on friday night he is going to present a fine selection of the best releases from Evoke's history.

27th Jul 07

303f live at evoke

Awesome! Besides "Evoke Tracks" on Friday we can offer you even more live-music at Evoke 10. Our old friends from 303f offered to play a set on Saturday right after the democompo. So stay alert for some post-democompo partying on saturday. To quote themselves: "303F is a Dutch live-act creating energetic electronic dance music. Taking elements from techno, house, trance, electro and other genres, 303F?s sound can be described as an atmospheric and highly danceable blend of different musical styles." Sounds fair enough to us. Thanks for coming!

26th Jul 07

demoscene.tv at evoke

We are happy to welcome the demoscene.tv staff at Evoke, to feature a live broadcast of our demoparty during the time Evoke takes place. Demoscene.tv strives to share and broadcast artwork urging from demoscene artists and stakeholders. DTV offers a video stream (via Winamp and browser) and associated services to allow groups belonging to the digital artscene to diffuse their creations. Thanks for your support!

19th Jul 07

Evoke memories

We would like to tell us for the most unique, weird and wonderful expierences *you* had at Evoke. Submit short stories, videos, photos or audio snippets and win fantastic prizes!

14th Jul 07

younger than 18?

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

12th Jul 07

entrance fee & buenzli+evoke combined ticket

Hereby we announce that the entrance fee will stay just like last year - EUR 20.- for the Evoke weekend. Girls get in for free. There are no single day tickets, and no rebates if you come earlier, later or without a pc. And of course, as it is since several years, Buenzli and Evoke are friends forever. You have been waiting for it and here it is: We proudly announce another year of the Combined Ticket. Evoke takes places just one week before Buenzli - to make your full time summer party experience easy, we offer combined tickets that are valid for both parties and you even get a discount on the entrance fees! The ticket can be bought at the entrance desk of Evoke, just ask for the combined ticket instead of the normal Evoke entrance fee. Bring the ticket and the Evoke control bracelet with you to Buenzli and feel at home right away. The combined ticket got cheaper and is available for only EUR 40.-. This include 6 days of computer fun!

10th Jul 07

Evoke Tracks

It's Evoke's 10th birthday, and the Sensor Club opens its gates for a massive celebration. Four musicians and two VJs are teaming up on Friday the 10th of August to bring good vibes to the crowd from 9pm on. Jam through a night of electronic music and excellent visuals! Already at Evoke 2004 the Sensor Club, back then located under the legendary Essigfabrik, brought you the Evoke Netlabel Night. Three years later, there is Evoke Tracks, featuring bass-heavy electronic vibes from digital Dub over Drum'n'Bass to Dubstep & Garage. The DJs and liveacts who will make you move, are: 2krazy (DubStep), Disrupt (Digital Laptop Reggae), Lotek Style (Electro, Breaks & UK Garage) and Mo. (Drum'n'Bass & Breaks). Blausand & Ruthene will be the VJs at the controls. More info at http://www.evoke.eu/10/tracks/.

9th Jul 07

Compo PC specs announced

As promised, the hardware specs of the Windows, Linux and Mac compo machines for the Evoke demo/intro compatitions are announced. You can view them here.

4th Jul 07

Compo rules are up

The demo, graphics, music and wild compo rules for Evoke 2007 are finally online. They largely are similar to those last year; the only bigger change being the tracking compos have been reduced to the tiny (64k) music tracking compo, because we believe that there ought to be some challenging aspect about making tracked music nowadays. Looking forward to see and hear many interesting entries! The specs for the compo machines will be announced really soon.

3rd Jul 07

Long Distance Discount

Coming to Evoke from far away? We highly appreciate that, and, like every year, we would like to honor your dedication to our party with a substantial entrance fee discount if you travel more than 700 kilometers to Cologne. You have to apply for it in advance - just use our contact formular. Also, everyone, feel free to hang out on #evoke on IRCNet if you want to keep in touch with orgas and visitors.

1st Jul 07

Link us

If you would like to support Evoke, why not put our nice banners on your website?

8th Jun 07

Website Launch

when you least expect it: the website on Evoke 10 is finally, finally online. more information within the next days -- stay tuned!

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