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14th Mar 09

Launch of the 2009 Website and Registration

Live at the Numerica Artparty #2, we have launched the brand new Buenzli 18 website (http://www.buenz.li). Again, Genox is responsible for the fresh and splendid look & feel of the page (as well as of the whole Buenzli 18 design, of course). With the launch of the website we have also opened the Registration - and we are looking forward to see the list thrive and prosper. As the party comes closer (currently there are still about 5 months to go) we will add more and more information and data to the page. And while you are at it, also follow us on our tour trough Facebook, Twitter and co.

25th Sep 08

Buenzli 18 Confirmed!

The rumours are correct: Buenzli 18 will take place on the 14/15/16 August 2009 - go and mark the date in your calendar now. You surely don’t want to miss Buenzli 18.

25th Aug 08

OHP Competition Entries

Finally, the entries of the OHP competition are available on scene.org. Thanks to demoscene.tv for recording these unique pieces of analog demoscene effects. The whole competition can be viewed online on demoscene.tv, too. Download the competition entries from scene.org now.

21st Aug 08

The Buenzli 17 Jury Prize

Kind of unexpected and unannounced, we were able to give away a jury prize at Buenzli 17 again. The jury consisted of seven reputated party visitors. The prize was sponsored by the TUM organizing, Echtzeit and Sky-Consulting (Thank you!). The prize was presented to the audience and handed out to the winners at the beginning of the prizegiving ceremony.

Winner #1, 300€
Ungol by Nuance (PC Demo). Nuance announced to organize a heavy duty barbecue at TUM 08. 

Winner #2, 200€
Photon Race by Archee (4k Procedural Graphics)

19th Aug 08

After the party

With quite a lot of quality releases, lots of visitors and a really good atmosphere at the party place, Buenzli 17 was a great success! From the organizational point of view, the event went totally flawless and smooth. And we had fun. We would like to thank all our visitors, sponsors and contributors for the great experience. Here comes what’s left after the party: The Buenzli 17 after the party page. If you have made photos, wrote a report or have anything else to contribute, we’re happy about an email-notification.

Also, all releases from Buenzli 17 are now available from scene.org.

17th Aug 08

Releases available

The party is almost over, and we’re soon going to have the prize giving ceremony. In the meantime, we managed to provide you with two mirrors supplying download for all Buenzli 17 releases until scene.org is ready. Thanks to back2roots and Manx!

Mirror b2r FTP
Mirror b2r HTTP
Mirror Manx HTTP (temporary mirror for 2 weeks)

14th Aug 08

Deadline for Remote Entries

Most of the competitions at Buenzli are open to ‘remote entries’. As a deadline, we have set Friday, 15th of August at 23:59 CET. Make sure you send your remote entries to us by that time - just as indicated in the competition rules. If you have questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.

13th Aug 08

Travelling & Hotline

Now, it’s only one day left to Buenzli 17. We are already heavily preparing everything for you and while doing so, we thought it might be a good idea for you to read our travelling guides. If you’re lost somewhere on your way to Buenzli, or if you need other advises or help, make use of our hotline which will be callable starting from Friday in the morning: +41 52 202 4685. We’ll glady also answer every question coming trough our contact form.

Also, don’t forget to bring warm clothes: The forecast for Friday predicts 17°C with rain. For Saturday and Sunday it looks a bit better by now. Check the up to date weather forecast on this meteo page.

10th Aug 08

Get the Invitation Game

At Evoke 2008, Nuance released the Buenzli 17 Invitation. Not a demo, not an intro but a game: The Buenzli 17 frogger clone allows you to play alone or against an opponent, gain and lose points. Thank you, Nuance, for creating this production. Download the invitation now, and do not forget to join us in Winterthur the next weekend.

Update: Nuance feat. Genox placed 2nd in the real wild competition at Evoke with our invitation game. Congratulations!

6th Aug 08

Demoshows, Live Act & Compo update

We are very proud to announce our Saturday evening life act: Mr. ADAN (also known as Gol/demoscene.tv) will present an 1h show accompanied by live visuals from the computers of Psykon/mydriasis. This duo promises good entertainment!

On Friday night, three interesting shows will catch your attention: The “Open Video Show” where you decide what you want to see, Nightmare/Nuance’s “Multimedia Show” with new and old demos and animations and last but not least the “c64.ch demoshow”. Further information on these and more on our timetable page.

And as a little reminder: All our competitions are open for remote entries (where is makes sense): You can check the rules for remote entries on our competition page. Also, another small rule change: XNA is allowed in all competitions (again, where it makes sense).

Do not forget to check http://www.buenz.li for all the latest news, and the Pouet thread for discussions, questions and last-minute news.

1st Aug 08

Double News Feature: Remote Entries & Timetable

Remote Entries: We decided to allow so called remote entries to all our competitions. This means, that you don’t have to be at the party place to take part in our competitions (except for the OHP compo). On our compo page, we have enlisted the extended rules for remote entries for you. Be sure to enter that demo, game, image, tune or whatever you’ve got there in one of our competitions!

Timetable: A pretty evolved version of the timetable is now online. We’ll adjust it further as needed. However, the deadlines seems fixed already. The deadline for all remote entries is the 15th of August. We’ll soon announce a few events in detail that can already be found on the timetable.

31st Jul 08

Return of the Buenzli Casino

The Buenzli Poker Tournament was introduced last year - and this year we’re going professional: A pro dealer and nice prizes. Again, we’ll held a friendly poker round on Saturday afternoon. Every party visitor can contribute, just don’t miss the deadline for the inscription. The rules are almost the same as last year (read the full news post for details). Win a full poker set, a poker tablecloth, poker dvds and card sets. This competition is sponsored by Swiss-Gamblers and Sky-Consulting.

Continue reading "Return of the Buenzli Casino"

30th Jul 08

Competition PC specifications

Today, we have announced the specifications of our competition PC. As promised, it will be a pretty powerful machine. The detail specifications are available on our competition page. You think it looks like a Nvidia Demokit PC? You’re right, it is one. For competition entries that are not intended to run on PC hardware with Windows, you are asked to bring your own hardware with you - just as we did it in the past few years.

28th Jul 08

Open Game Competition Special Prizes

Our sponsor Stonetrip donates valuable licenses of his ShiVa 3D authoring suite as prizes for our Open Game Competition. For the first placed winner, a license of the STON3D Indie server will be available additionally. ShiVa, a platform for 3D real time development, allows you to make games, but also 3D real time applications for professional use. It’s a 3D authoring tool with a game engine - maybe you can even create demos with it? If you have a game ready somewhere on your computer, be sure to enter it to the Buenzli Open Game Competition and win! The competition rules can be found on our competition page.

22nd Jul 08

Buenzli & Evoke Combined Ticket

August 2008 - time for two traditional SwissGerman demoparties: Just as in the previous few years, Evoke and Buenzli are supporting double-party-visitors, demoscene-summer-trippers and i-can’t-get-enough sceners with a combined ticket. Evoke takes place just one week before Buenzli and is the place where you can buy our doubletrouble tickets which are then valid for Buenzli, too. The best thing about it: You get a discount on the regular entrance fee of both parties: The combined ticket is available for EUR 43.-.

How it works: At the Evoke entrance desk, you ask for the combined ticket instead of the regular Evoke ticket. One week later, at Buenzli, you show your ticket (which has a unique code printed on it) together with the Evoke bracelet and you’re in.

Register yourself for Evoke & Buenzli now:

16th Jul 08

Art Exhibitions at Buenzli

This year, we prepare a fine new thing for our visitor: Buenzli 17 will not only be a demoparty, but also feature a mini art exhibition. The exhibition consists of two areas, one featuring paintings and home made trash art on the topic of airplanes. The other area will contain a musical experience object called “Wechselsaiting” - a real time real life sound synthesis curtain. Read more about “Wechselsaiting” on the news pages of “Echtzeit - Digitale Kultur”. These art areas aim to extend the experience of Buenzli 17 and will, last but not least, increase the attractivity of the entrance hall. Be sure to check that awesome stuff out!

8th Jul 08

ANSI/ASCII competition

We just have decided to have another ANSI/ASCII competition this year - and it’s even “official” now. The compo rules are available at our competition page. This competition is open to remote entries sent in by email (though there are no prizes for remote entries planned). Get your keyboard started and show the world that ANSI and ASCII art is not obsolete at all!

5th Jul 08

demoscene.tv broadcasting from Buenzli 17

The strong partnership between Buenzli and demoscene.tv enters a new year. Demoscene.tv will broadcast all three days of Buenzli action down to the computer screens of those who stayed at home. As usual, this service is no proper substitute for not coming to the party. You better come to Buenzli 17 and be part of the live stream.

Demoscene.tv has been broadcasting from Buuenzli since quite a few years. Check their large archive on productions released at Buenzli, shows recorded at Buenzli and specials being unique to Buenzli.

3rd Jul 08

Competition rules available

Have you already started your entry for the Buenzli 17 competitions? Now, the matching competition rules are available on our competition page. We have not changed them much - the most remarkable fact is the newly supported 1024x768 resolution and a new upper size limit for the demo competition. Also, please note that we will add one or two additional categories in the next days: yes, we have invented new competitions for you. The old Buenzli traditionals like Procedural 4k Graphics, OHP, Open Game Development and Alternative Demo are still among the list. The competition PC specifications will also be added in a few days.

2nd Jun 08

Thank you sponsors!

Buenzli 17 would not be possible without sponsors that are helping us out with money or prizes. As a start, we can happily present the first sponsors on the Buenzli 17 trip: 4players.de/4sceners.de, Omni-MadSky-Consulting and Infomotion GmbH are here to support us! Still, there’s quite a gap in the budget. We are looking for more sponsors and supporters. Our brand new sponsoring concept documentation is now available from the sponsors page (in German). Don’t hesitate to contact us if that could be something for you (the premium sponsor spot is still not taken!).

15th May 08

Buenzli 17 - Website launched

It’s already May and we are really happy to finally have been able to launch the Buenzli 17 website! Welcome! The design is brought to you by Genox (mediagenerator) - our long time reliable source for good looking web pages. In the coming days, we will add a lot of content like timetables, competition rules, special Buenzli 17 features, combined ticket information and whatever else that’s yet still missing. By now, you can already register for Buenzli 17 if you plan to come: Registering yourself helps us planning on the amount of expected visitors! The event organizing schedule is currently being developed, budgets are being adjusted and special features and happenings are being planned. Come back to the Buenzli 17 page any time you wish and discover new things!

7th Apr 08

Buenzli 17 Wallpaper

Because of the all positive feedback on this year’s Buenzli #17 flyer, Genox decided to create a wallpaper out of the graphics. It looks awesome on desktops! Get it here (in normal/wide formats) and if you like it, tell Genox about it in his comment area.

20th Mar 08

Buenzli 17 Pre-Information

BUENZLI 17 - 15/16/17 August 2008


We are more than happy to announce Buenzli 17! Preparations have started, and we’ll soon launch the new website. If you want information on that happening and everything else going on around Buenzli 17, just subscribe to our RSS, email-newsletter or SMS newsletter. We’ll keep you posted! Buenzli 17 will feature the usual competitions and MORE! Be sure to take a few days off and visit your favourite Swiss party!



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